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"Dezinformatsiya" is a game about weaponisation of information – a post-modern strategy in which information and in particular the media are used not just to persuade or even to spread traditional propaganda, but as weapons in a conflict, intended to divide, demoralise, and paralyse an opponent. In this way, information and disinformation become truly "unconventional weapons".

In the game, you play as the Director of the little-known Third Department of the Brutopian Ministry of Information. The government of Brutopia is planning a clandestine invasion of the neighbouring country of Ruritania. Your task during this operation will be to keep the foreign governments in the Western world divided and pacified whilst the Brutopian military and secret services establish a presence in Ruritania.

To achieve this, you will employ social media, active political measures, manipulation of foreign media, and of course last, but not least, the popular media network Brutopia Today.


I developed this game for Ludum Dare 32, and it has a ton of issues. The graphics look like something from the early 90s. I didn't really have time to balance the different possible actions, so there is basically a single optimal strategy. I would have liked to have better feedback on the actions, more interaction between them, and more random events (there's only a single one at the moment). Also, the win/lose screen is a joke, since I left it for last and really ran out of energy towards the end.

But the game is playable, and considering it's the first game I've ever finished, I'm not too dissatisfied with it. You might find it interesting.

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No installation required.


Dezinformatsiya.exe 3 MB

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