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After centuries of slumber, you, the eponymous Vampire Lord of Valea Noapte, have awakened in your coffin in Castulul Noptii. During your absence, the inhabitants of the valley's nine villages have forgotten about you, your past rule a vapoury memory that only survives in old tales and legends.

But your time has come again. Dispatch your minions, the Bat and the Wolf, to spread your influence amongst the villagers and keep them suppressed with terror. Do not let them rise up against your rule, for they will either kill you or the battles will leave the valley a burning wasteland. And beware: Before long, vampire hunters will come to Valea Noapte, seeking to send you back to your coffin for another century.

The Vampire Lord of Valea Noapte is a turn-based strategy game in which you send agents to the villages of the area in order to take them over and reestablish your rule.

Each village has 50 villagers as well as an Influence rating and a Terror rating. You win the game by getting the Influence ratings of all villages to 100. Once the Influence of a village hits 50, it may decide to rise up and send an angry mob towards your castle. This will take 10 villager away from the village and inflict some damage on you. If your Health runs out or 4 villages become completely depopulated, you lose the game.

You have two minions, the Bat and the Wolf, as well as yourself, the Vampire. You select these agents by left-clicking and send them to a village or to your castle by right-clicking. Left click on a village to get more information about it. Enter ends the turn, and Escape quits the game.

While the Bat is in a village, it increases Influence. The Wolf increases Terror. The Vampire increases both, and also increases your Health by feeding on a villager. If the Vampire is in the castle, he instead makes the Bat and the Wolf more effective, but angry mobs will do more damage.

There are a few random events in the game. And be careful, because once you start drawing attention to yourself, a group of visitors might show up...

Install instructions

No installation needed.


Valea Noapte.exe 4 MB


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Neat stuff! Original idea and pretty good to play.